Let Our Mobile Vet in Pasadena Come to You

In some instances, a mobile vet house call may be more fitting for your pet. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we always try to stay sensitive to our clients' needs. If you've made a hard end-of-life decision for an ill or elderly pet, in-home euthanasia may be more comfortable. Whether you live in Pasadena or a surrounding area, we can come to you.

Mobile Vet in Pasadena, MD
Mobile Vet with a Dog

Compassion When It's Time to Say Goodbye

The love for pets and people drive everything we do at Lake Shore Pet Hospital. Most of all, we know what your pet means to you because our pets' mean the same. Consequently, we're more than willing to let you say goodbye to your loyal animal companion in the comfort of your own home. If you're coming to terms with your pet's end-of-life, ask us about how in-home euthanasia services can aid you. Also, we offer recommendations on memorial services and grief counseling.


Additional Veterinary Services as Needed

Other than terminally ill pets, we offer mobile vet house calls for pets in special instances. Elderly pets or ones who experience an unusually high amount of anxiety may benefit the most from house calls. Sometimes it's just more humane to come to you, but remember house calls are limited. If you think your pet needs a house call over a regular visit, call us for more details. We look forward to servicing your pet!

Mobile vet visiting a dog at home

You were all so gentle and kind in our time of need. Thank you so much for sending us Raisin's footprint. It means so much
-Theresa H.