Is My Dog Pregnant? (Pasadena, MD)

Do you have a female dog who is old enough to have puppies? Is she still intact, meaning she has not been spayed yet? Does she spend time outdoors unsupervised, even in the backyard? If this sounds like the situation with your dog, there’s a good chance she could become pregnant in Pasadena, MD quickly.

Signs of a Pregnant Dog in Pasadena, MD

Some dog owners are surprised to find that their pets have become pregnant, but the truth is that it’s not uncommon at all for dogs who haven’t been spayed to have puppies from an early age. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of recognizing whether or not your dog can potentially be pregnant, so you’ll know when to take her to the veterinarian.

Appetite and Weight Gain

One of the earliest signs of dog pregnancy in Pasadena, MD is an increased appetite. If you notice your dog eating a lot more than usual and you suspect she might be pregnant, this can be a good way to solve the mystery.

Dogs may also gain a lot of weight during the first couple of weeks of their pregnancies. This is partly due to eating more food, but also due to the presence of puppies.

Mood Changes

Female dogs sometimes become more aggressive when they are pregnant. They may grow territorial and overprotective of their personal spaces as they prepare to give birth to their puppies. If your dog is aggressive or nervous without any other reason, it could mean she is pregnant.

On the other hand, hormonal changes may sometimes make pregnant dogs become more affectionate. They may want to be closer to their human family members and enjoy cuddling, playtime, and petting more than they ever did before. Any mood changes can signify pregnancy in dogs in Pasadena, MD, so be on the lookout for this symptom.

Energy Changes

Most of the time, dogs who are pregnant will grow tired more quickly due to the toll the pregnancy is taking on their bodies. If your dog is young, healthy, and has no other underlying causes that could lead to her getting tired more quickly, there’s a good chance she might be pregnant.

Less commonly, some pregnant dogs may become more active. This may also be restlessness due to discomfort related to the pregnancy, however, so pay attention for any signs that your dog might be in pain. If you think she is, you should speak to your vet in Pasadena, MD for some potential solutions.

Larger Nipples and Belly

As the pregnancy progresses, your dog’s nipples will swell in preparation for nursing puppies. Just like in pregnant humans, this change occurs slowly throughout the duration of the dog’s pregnancy and can be a very tell-tale sign that she is pregnant. Many owners don’t discover their dogs’ pregnancies until this symptom shows up.

A larger, more swollen belly is also another obvious sign of pregnancy in dogs. Of course, there are some health conditions that can cause this too, but if your dog is young, healthy, and not spayed, it’s much more likely to be a sign of pregnancy.

Pregnant Dog in Pasadena, MD


When dogs are pregnant, they develop nesting tendencies. These behavioral changes may vary from dog to dog, but they are likely to be different from your dog’s normal behavior. Some dogs collect blankets and pillows to form a literal nest, while others try to defend their territory or create new territories for themselves.

Sometimes, dogs may become difficult to find when they are pregnant. This is because they are often hiding in closets or under beds as they try to create a safe, cozy nest for themselves and their puppies. You can help your dog by giving her a safe place all her own during this time.

Vet Checkup

Finally, it’s important to take your dog to the vet in Pasadena, MD to have her checked out when you think she is pregnant. A vet can tell you for sure by palpating your dog’s stomach, taking X-rays, and performing an ultrasound. With this diagnostic information, your vet can figure out how far along your dog is and when you can expect puppies.

Additionally, working with a vet can help you give your dog the best possible pregnancy experience. Your vet will tell you about any concerns to look out for and can help you manage any issues that may come up along the way.

What To Do When Your Dog is Pregnant in Pasadena, MD

As you can see, it can be difficult to tell if your dog is pregnant during the early stages. However, later on, it becomes very obvious. If your dog has become pregnant, whether because you’re choosing to breed her or because of an accident, take her to the vet right away to have a full exam. She will need to keep up with vet visits throughout the pregnancy to ensure her health and the health of her puppies, too.

If you have questions on weather or not your dog could be pregnant please call our vets at Lake Shore Pet Hospital at (410) 317-2028 or book an appointment online. We would love to help you!

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