4 Dog Parks to Visit with Your Pet (Pasadena, MD)

There are many lovely dog parks that you can visit in the Pasadena, MD, area with your pet. If you are in town just for a visit, or you have recently moved and are not sure which of the various dog parks in the area are the best for your needs, this guide will help you out! There are lots of great options for your enjoyment in the Pasadena area, and you and your pet will have lots of fun being able to exercise and maybe meet some new friends.

Pick Up After Your Dog to Prevent Intestinal Parasites

No matter which of these dog parks you decide to visit, you will want to be sure that you are responsible about picking up after your dog while you are enjoying the park. Dog feces can breed parasites which can lead to population-wide infections in regional locations. You want to be sure that you are being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

Picking up after your dog also reduces the chance that younger and more susceptible pets will get sick when they visit the dog park. As an added bonus, you will be helping to keep the dog park that you have enjoyed visiting clean and ready for the next dogs and owners who might want to visit.

dog park in pasadena, md

1.     Down’s Park in Pasadena

Down’s Park in Pasadena is one of the best choices for you and your dog to have fun in the Pasadena area. You will get lovely views of the Chesapeake Bay from this park, and you can easily walk down to the water if you wish. This park actually allows for a season pass, so if you and your dog are regulars here, you might want to get one to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of your time here.

If you do not have a season pass, the entrance charge is only $6, and you will get access to a garden, shady areas to play with your dog, and lots of picnic tables and open spaces. You can also bring food with you and have a picnic or use the barbeque locations that are near the picnic tables. This is a clean and safe park where dogs can be on or off-leash and have tons of fun.

2.     Bell Branch Dog Park

Bell Branch Dog Park is located at the end of a road, and there is a small dog section as well as a large dog area for play. You will find lots of friendly and respectful locals here with their dogs, and there are benches and shady areas to sit and rest while your dog plays. The watering pad offers access to clean water and dog bowls, and there is a hose if you need to spray off your dog or add water to the free drinking space.

In the summer, there are often kiddie pools placed near the watering area so that dogs can play and cool off if they wish. You can let your dog off-leash or keep them on a leash here, and there is plenty of grassy space for your dog to run and play and meet new friends.

3.     Tanyard Springs Dog Park

Tanyard Springs Dog Park is in a temporary location to service a local neighborhood, but it is still a nice location that will only get better once the final spot is opened for people to enjoy with their pets. You have access to a small dog play area here as well as a big dog play location, and you will enjoy quiet and peaceful playtime with your dog here.

This is a small park, but it will still provide the perfect place for your pet to play and have some fun if you are in the local area. The final park will be bigger and have access to more amenities for the neighborhood and dogs from surrounding areas.

4.     Quails Run Dog Park

Another dog park that is located in a neighborhood, Quails Run Dog Park is a quiet and peaceful park with lots of grass and a fenced area for bigger dogs to be off-leash. This is not the best-maintained park on the list, but it is still clean and convenient enough for you to use if you are in the area. Avoid the heat of the day since there is not much grass in some of the common areas due to dogs playing and digging.

This is an easy-to-access stop that can be the right choice if your dog just needs a quick break and wants to play with some friendly local dogs. You will need to bring your own water to this spot as well, but if you are prepared, this is a nice location to allow your dog a little break from being cooped up indoors.

There Are Many Quality Dog Parks Near Pasadena, MD

The Pasadena, MD area is a friendly and beautiful place to visit, and you will love taking your dog to any of these dog parks to have some fun. Letting your dog play with new friends is easy when you are in this city, and there are many great dog park options that you and your pet can enjoy. Most of the parks in this city are maintained for a small fee, but you can get a park pass to cover your seasonal use if you wish. Make sure that you look into the various amenities of the parks if you are looking for specific items like large and small dog fenced areas or access to the water.

Pasadena is a very dog-friendly city, and you and your pet will have a great time at any of these parks while you are in town visiting. Getting your dog the exercise that they need is easy when you are in Pasadena, MD.

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