Veterinary Services in Pasadena

The purpose of veterinary services and preventative care is to keep your pet as healthy as possible throughout every life stage. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we implement comprehensive preventive veterinary services including timely vaccinations, personalized nutrition, parasite prevention, behavior training, and dental care to ensure your pet stays healthy for years to come. Yet, in order for us to perform these services, we need to see them! We recommend annual or semi-annual visits so we can stay on top of their changing needs. Contact us today!

Veterinary Services in Pasadena, MD

Keeping Them Healthy with Essential Pet Vaccinations

Puppies and kittens need to receive essential pet vaccinations to protect them from highly contagious and dangerous diseases. Their growing bodies are especially susceptible to bacterial and viral infection since they’re still building immunities and vaccines provide the boosters they need to ensure their health. Adult pets must stay updated with either one or three-year maintenance boosters.

Some vaccinations, like rabies, are considered “core” by the greater veterinary community. Due to our commitment to the highest safety standards for our patients in Pasadena and all pets, staying up-to-date on core vaccines is a requirement at our practice. Some pets have lifestyles that put them at risk for infection from other diseases, and we recommend protection from these on a case-by-case basis.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Pasadena, MD

The Challenge of Choosing Proper Pet Nutrition

Your pet depends on you for their nutritional needs, but how do you know you’re meeting their dietary requirements? There’s a lot of information out there that can be more contradicting and confusing than helpful. Luckily, the veterinarians at Lake Shore Pet Hospital can help you make the best choices for your pet’s diet. The first step is debunking some pet nutrition myths so you can have a clear view of what’s fact and what’s fiction. We clarify several common myths below and have included a video from Royal Canin with more tips on choosing the right food.

Dog at our animal hospital for nutritional veterinary services

Parasite Prevention for Pasadena Pets

An important part of your pet’s wellness care program is parasite prevention. Cats and dogs make attractive hosts for a variety of pests, including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and intestinal parasites. Fortunately, while these critters might seem to be everywhere, they can be kept to heel with adequate pet parasite prevention. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we carry a number of quality preventives to keep dogs and cats protected.

Puppy at our animal hospital for pet parasite prevention veterinary services

Understanding Pet Behavior

Questions about pet behavior are some of the most common ones we get asked. Oftentimes, the questions we get are about behaviors that are putting a strain on the human-animal bond, the pet parent is looking for a solution. Unfortunately, this idea that the “problem” behavior has a solution is not necessarily the right way to look at it. Often, we need to go beyond correcting a certain behavior into understanding what causes in the first place. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we’re here to help you curb pet behavior problems and help you form a deeper relationship with your pet that will last for years to come.

Cat and Dog Training in Pasadena, MD

Staying Healthy with Pet Dental Care

Pets can be anything but cooperative when it comes to someone poking around in their mouth. Still, it’s vital to care for their dental health the same way we care for our own. Regular pet dental care easily prevents some of the same dental concerns humans deal with. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we work with our patients and their owners in Pasadena and surrounding areas to provide comprehensive dental services.

Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Pasadena, MD