Veterinary Services in Pasadena

The purpose of veterinary services and preventative care is to keep your pet as healthy as possible throughout every life stage. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we implement comprehensive preventive veterinary services including timely vaccinations, personalized nutrition, parasite prevention, behavior training, and dental care to ensure your pet stays healthy for years to come. Yet, in order for us to perform these services, we need to see them! We recommend annual or semi-annual visits so we can stay on top of their changing needs. Contact us today!

Veterinary Services in Pasadena, MD

Keeping Them Healthy with Essential Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines are a core part of your pet's care at every stage of their life. From the beginning as a puppy or kitten and all the way up to their senior years, your pet will always benefit from the protection of our high-quality core and non-core vaccines. We are advocates for responsible, tailored vaccinations that ensure every dog and cat gets the immunity boost they need with minimal risk of side effects.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Pasadena, MD

The Challenge of Choosing Proper Pet Nutrition

A healthy diet is vital to your pet's health, now and in the future. Since your pet relies on you to provide for their nutrition needs, it's important to consult regularly with your veterinarian to find out which diet is best for them. There are numerous types of pet food and just as many brands out there, and not all are equal. Whether your pet needs to maintain their current health, lose weight, or get more protein, we can point you in the right direction.

Pet Nutrition in Pasadena, MD

Parasite Prevention for Pasadena Pets

While fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms are obviously much tinier than your pet, they can cause major health problems if they aren't dealt with sooner rather than later. In addition to itchy skin, diarrhea, and other symptoms, some of these parasites can also transmit harmful diseases. Make sure your pet is protected year-round with the best parasite preventatives, which are always kept in stock here at our animal hospital.

Pet Parasite Protection in Pasadena, MD

Understanding Pet Behavior

While certain behavioral problems can be expected in puppies and kittens, there is a point where what seems like innocent mischief becomes something potentially more destructive. It's important to realize that dogs and cats do not engage in bad behaviors to make your life harder--they could have a health problem, may need to be spayed or neutered, or could require further training.

Whatever the issue, we can help you uncover the cause of your pet's behaviors and offer recommendations to get them under control, so you can enjoy a happier and more harmonious relationship with your pet.

Cat and Dog Training in Pasadena, MD

Staying Healthy with Pet Dental Care

Annual exams, vaccinations, and lab tests are certainly important for dogs and cats, but they aren't the only services they will need for optimal health. Lake Shore Pet Hospital also provides complete dental care services, which are essential for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. Poor oral hygiene can lead to severe health problems later and cause unneeded stress and discomfort in your pet, but these issues can be avoided with a veterinarian-supported dental care routine.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Pasadena, MD