Pet Wellness Plans in Pasadena

Regular preventative care helps you enjoy longer, active years with your loyal companion. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we make routine preventative care easier to provide for your pet by making it easier on your pocketbook. By offering pet wellness plans for every life stage and even ones that include dental cleanings, we provide affordable pet care for Pasadena and surrounding areas.

Pet Care Through Every Life Stage

As your pet grows from puppyhood or kittenhood to their golden years, their healthcare needs change. Therefore, our preventative wellness plans change too. Though wellness plans include a lot, some things may not be depending on the plan you purchase. In this case, you’ll still receive a 15% discount on noncovered services. This is in addition to the extensive discounts you receive on included services.

Pet Wellness Plans in Pasadena, MD
Dog Wellness Plan

A sampling on how we provide essential care through every life stage:

Kittens – Vaccinations and boosters to follow are essential since kittens are still building immunities. Purchase a Kitten+ plan to have your new pet's spay or neuter covered too.

Puppies – We provide needed vaccinations and boosters along with parasite screening and testing. Our Puppy+ plan even includes spay or neuter surgery.

Adults – Ongoing screenings and testing are provided through your pets most active years. Purchase an Adult+ plan that includes an annual routine dental cleaning.

Seniors – Pets over seven years old are at risk of developing medical conditions quicker than ever. Therefore, senior plans include comprehensive testing and screenings, including full blood panels to check for underlying disease.

The Importance of a Dental Package

All our packages include comprehensive dental screenings to catch the signs of gum disease and tooth decay. While checks are important, they won’t cover your pet’s professional teeth cleaning should they need it. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), gum disease is one of the most common conditions seen in adult pets. If given the opportunity to progress, it can cause tooth and bone loss in addition to organ problems. Call us at (410) 317-2028 to purchase a wellness plan today and save money while you keep your pet healthy.

Cat Wellness Plan with Our Vet

Welcoming and friendly staff, thorough visits, genuine care and concern, and reasonable pricing. Their wellness plan is great and I highly recommend it to everyone.
-Ericka C.