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Consistent Pet Exams Extends Lives

When you bring your pet in regularly for wellness care and exams, we’re more likely to catch medical issues before they become harder to treat. Furthermore, bringing your pet in to see us yearly or more helps us determine whether your pet's health is taking any dramatic shifts.

If you’ve adopted a new puppy or kitten, schedule a pet exam with us immediately. Because they’re still growing, puppies and kittens can be the most vulnerable to illnesses and parasites. If you have an adult or senior pet and need a new veterinarian, schedule their visit too! We’re happy to offer our services to Pasadena, surrounding communities, and every single four-legged friend.

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Pet Exams in Pasadena: Fluffy cat

Wellness Care at Our Practice

Firstly, pet wellness care starts with a thorough nose-to-tail physical. This includes checks on your pet’s weight, vital signs, and apparent skin and coat concerns. We take the time to listen to your concerns and we understand that as your pet’s primary caretaker – you’re the one who notices the subtlest shifts in your pet's behavior. The bottom line is that we treat our clients how we’d want to be treated and our patients how we’d want our pets to be. Remember to bring a fresh stool sample to your pet’s next wellness care visit and consider purchasing a wellness plan. You’ll receive hefty discounts on essential preventative services, such as vaccinations and deworming.

Common Issues We May Be Alerted to

The medical issues we may be alerted to during wellness care are potentially endless, which makes it so imperative for your pet. As varied as conditions may be, there are some common medical issues we're more likely to run into. Gum disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen in adult pets, but it can be easily prevented with regular oral maintenance. Parasitic infections, like round, tape, and whipworm are similarly common. Therefore, we encourage fecal testing to screen for parasites that could go unnoticed in your pet’s internal body. Finally, skin infections are screened for which can develop from skin allergies or other parasites. Again, these common conditions may only be the tip of the iceberg during a wellness screening. We may also be alerted to underlying diseases or chronic inflammatory conditions. Schedule your pet’s wellness visit today!

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First rate doctors and staff that I recommend to anyone looking for quality vet care!
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