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In-House Diagnostics

When a physical exam brings up questions, diagnostics gives answers. Sometimes, a wellness exam uncovers concerns and we may run additional tests. Other times, you may need a second opinion on your pet's health or we may need to confirm problems we suspect. Most of all, analyzing laboratory and imaging results help us diagnose many conditions. In turn, we can better treat your companion. If you live in the Pasadena area, visit us for quick, accurate answers about your pet's health.

Diagnostics in Pasadena: Dog wearing lab coat and stethoscope
Pet Diagnostics in Pasadena: X-ray of pregnant cat

Analyzing Diagnostic Imaging

Looking at your pet's internal body structure can often answer questions about their health. Unfortunately, our veterinarians aren't blessed with X-ray vision, but they are blessed with advanced imaging equipment. Therefore, when we view digital X-rays or ultrasound images, we can pinpoint what's going on. While we often think of X-rays as diagnosing broken bones, they're a versatile diagnostic tool. Furthermore, imaging done with ultrasound gives us 2-D, live results of your pet's abdomen.

Conditions Imaging Results Help Us Diagnose

X-rays and ultrasound imaging help us diagnose a large variety of conditions including:

  • By looking at the size, shape, and location of organs, we can detect liver, kidney, and heart disease.
  • We're able to view any bowel or urinary obstruction.
  • We can diagnose bladder or kidney stones.
  • The lungs can be analyzed for infection, tumors, or allergies.
  • Digital X-rays help us quickly diagnose tooth decay or advanced gum disease.
  • Ultrasound accurately indicates abdominal cysts and tumors.
  • Pregnancy can be verified.
  • Excess abdominal fluid is viewable.
Diagnostics in Pasadena: Cat with doctor

Analyzing Laboratory Results

Many times, our in-house laboratory assists in uncovering health issues. Firstly, we always check bloodwork before your pet has surgery. This alerts us to any anesthetic contraindications or underlying illness which could inhibit your pet's recovery. Bloodwork testing is also necessary for older pets. Senior pets, ones over the age of 7, tend to rapidly develop disease or illness. Additionally, urine and fecal tests diagnose many issues. Fecal testing indicates common intestinal parasites and urine testing indicates diabetes. Finally, cytology, or cellular analysis, can be done through skin scrapings. If your pet is suffering from a chronic or acute skin condition, cytology is especially helpful.

Contact us for more information about our diagnostic services! Above all, we're here to keep your pet happy and healthy.

I truly can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ashley and his amazing staff.
-Ericka C.

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