Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments
in Pasadena

Just like humans, dogs and cats can develop skin problems. Sometimes, these problems may not be obvious when they’re hidden under a thick coat of fur. However, there are several distinct signs that your pet is experiencing a skin irritation or infection. Your pet may be constantly licking or scratching a certain area, shaking their head, or pawing at their ears. Additionally, they may have hair loss, dandruff, dry skin, and even unpleasant odors. For these reasons, we offer comprehensive dog and cat allergy treatments and dermatology services for our patients in Pasadena and surrounding areas. Whether your pet is suffering from allergies, parasites, or a skin infection, we have the ability and the resources to treat the issue.

Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in Pasadena, MD
Dog Allergy Treatment Appointment

Common Skin Issues in Your Pet

Cat and dog allergies are some of the most common skin conditions seen in pets. Unlike human allergies, which often involve upper respiratory congestion, cat and dog allergies usually manifest as skin irritations. Redness, itchiness, dryness, and flakiness in your pet's skin can all indicate allergies. The most common allergens dogs and cats experience are fleas, pollen, dust mites, and mold spores. Besides environmental allergies, many pets also experience food allergies and sensitivities.

Skin disorders that may be causing your pet’s discomfort include:

  • Ear mites
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Hair loss
  • Infections (sometimes caused by scratching due to allergies)
  • Ringworm
  • Demodectic Mange
  • Sarcoptic Mange
  • Lick Granulomas
  • Seborrhea (dandruff/greasy coat)

Dog and Cat Allergy Treatment Options

Since dog and cat allergies come from a variety of sources, we use a variety of options to manage them. Atopy can often be treated with steroids, antihistamines, or topical treatments including oils and special shampoos. Some pets may also require Cytopoint, an injected immunotherapy, or other medicated injections or drops to combat their symptoms. We work to find the most effective, least intrusive solution to your pet’s specific problem at Lake Shore Pet Hospital.

Pets who have food allergies may be put on a series of special, trial diets to isolate and eliminate ingredients responsible for the allergy from their current diet. This process can be time consuming, and your patience is requested as our team works to specialize a plan to best meet your pet’s dietary needs.

Infection Treatment

Whether your pet has developed an infection from scratch wounds, parasites, or other environmental contacts, we will find a cure! Infections can be bacterial or fungal. Furthermore, treatments vary widely based on the specific infection. The quicker an infection is diagnosed, the faster your pet will feel better, so make an appointment as soon as you notice signs of an ear or skin infection. We’ll sample skin scrapings and use cytology (cellular analysis) to prescribe the proper medication. If you think your pet may be suffering from allergies or another skin disorder, call us at (410) 317-2028 to set up a dermatology appointment today!

Boy and his dog at our animal hospital for allergy treatments

I would like to thanks Dr Ashley and his amazing Staff for getting Dixie Doodlebug feeling better again! She had chronic allergies and ear infections, but not anymore! Dr Ashley is very patient and understanding and works with you.
-Beatriz C.