Lake Shore Pet Hospital

Useful Forms and Brochures

To better serve our patients and their owners in Pasadena and surrounding areas, we provide online service forms as well as informational brochures. If your pet is scheduled to have surgery, read over and initial the surgical informational packet. Also, we have several resources available for new visitors, including our hospital brochure and new patient registration. All links are viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Visit for a free download or to update to the latest version.

Hospital Brochure

Learn about our mission, our owner and practicing veterinarian Dr. Ashley, and detailed information about where we’re located.

Useful Forms in Pasadena: Kitten on white background
Useful Forms in Pasadena: Dog sitting in living room with family

New Patient Registration

Before your first visit, fill out and print a copy of our new patient registration form. We look forward to treating your pet as soon as possible!

Surgical Information Packet

If your pet is scheduled for surgery, read over the surgical information packet carefully. Then, bring initialed copies with you on the day of your pet’s surgery.

Wellness Plan Brochures

Prevent larger health problems while you save on essential services when you purchase a wellness plan. Furthermore, receive valuable discounts on other services for your kitten/adult cat or puppy/adult dog.

Education on Animal Medical Conditions

We take your pet's care seriously at Lake Shore Pet Hospital. Part of caring for them includes educating you, the owner, about medical conditions they may be going through. Most of all, education on your pet's condition will empower you to provide them with the best care at home and in practice. Locate the topic relevant to your pet and read more. We look forward to educating you and caring for your four-legged friend!

We are so happy to have found Doctor Ashley and his team!
-Lois V.

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