Fall and Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Pasadena

Whether you’re excited for fall or not yet ready to say goodbye to summer, we want to remind you about some of the potential dangers that accompany the autumn season. At our animal hospital in Pasadena, we’re happy to offer advice about how to keep your pet safe and make every season a healthy and enjoyable one. Check out our Fall and Halloween pet safety tips.

Fall and Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Pasadena, MD

Be Weather Aware

We all know that temperatures begin their downward trajectory come fall. As the days grow colder, it’s necessary to remember that despite their fur coat, your pet needs more than that to keep warm.

  • Keep your pet inside on cold, blustery days or don’t leave them outside unattended for long
  • If your pet prefers the outdoors, make sure they have a shelter raised several inches off the ground that keeps them dry and warm, and fresh water and food within reach if they need it
  • If your pet has a short/fine coat, consider getting them a jacket or sweater they can wear on walks

Check for Wild Mushrooms

While most wild mushrooms may not cause much more than mild stomach upset in your pet, it’s best to be cautious and uproot any wild mushrooms you come across in your yard. Some wild mushrooms, especially the death cap, are highly dangerous for human and animal consumption. Death caps are often fatal when ingested, and are becoming much more prevalent throughout the US. These mushrooms are usually found around tree roots.

For more information about mushroom toxicity, go here.

Halloween Treats

Chocolate, gum, sugar-free candy, grapes, and raisins are some of the most common food-related threats for pets around this time of year.

  • Sugar-free goods often contain xylitol, a sugar alcohol that can be fatal for pets
  • Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure
  • Chocolate (the darker the more dangerous) can cause anything from stomach upset to heart failure

Candy wrappers and plastic goody bags are another concern. If your pet can swallow it, it may become a choking hazard, or even obstruct the GI tract.

Pet being safe during Halloween

Halloween Decorations

Here are some things to remember before you start decorating for Halloween:

  • Open flames are always a fire hazard; use artificial candles instead
  • Keep fake cobwebs out of your pet’s reach or avoid using it altogether
  • Avoid using decorations or putting on a costume that is likely to frighten your pet
  • Check your decorations for small, detachable parts or dangly pieces that might be enticing to your dog or cat

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