Exotic Vet in Pasadena

At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we’re able to care for not only your furry friends but those that are feathered and scaly, too. Our veterinarians have experience in providing wellness care to small exotic mammals, reptiles, and birds. We offer basic veterinary medicine including preventive care, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, as well as some grooming services.

Exotic Vet in Pasadena, MD
Reptile Vet

Veterinary Services for Exotic Pets

Our veterinary services for your special pets include:

  • Discussion and guidance for their home life
  • Wellness care
  • Treatment of minor illnesses or injuries
  • Nail/beak/feather trims for birds
  • Nail trims for small mammals and reptiles

Caring for Your Exotic Pet

When it comes to exotic vet care, their habitat, diet, socialization, and handling are critical to their health and well-being.

  • Habitat. An exotic pet’s habitat should match as closely to their wild environment as possible. For instance, reptiles generally need a UV lamp that heats part of their cage while birds and many small mammals need a dry, clean, and temperature-controlled enclosure.
  • Diet. Proper diet for an exotic species is vital. Again, it should match closely to their natural diet in the wild. Many reptiles, birds, and small mammals are herbivores, while some are omnivorous, and others, such as snakes, are carnivores. It’s important to do your research (and talk to us!) to ensure your pet is receiving the nutrition they need.
  • Socialization. Reptiles are usually better off on their own as partners in the same cage and cause tension. Meanwhile, rabbits, sugar gliders, and birds are just some of the animals that greatly prefer a partner of the same species.
  • Handling. Handling your pet appropriately helps develop your bond with them, and keeps them from being stressed. Knowing how to hold them, interact with them, and play with them is all part of proper handling. Every species is different, so educate yourself on your particular pet and ask us questions, too!

For more resources on exotic pet care, check out the Animal Exchange channel on YouTube. They offer species-specific advice ranging from basic care to detailed interactions.

Ferret with our exotic vet

Schedule an Exam with Our Exotic Vets

Is your pet due for a wellness exam, or is simply not quite themselves lately? Schedule an exam with our team. We’ll be able to assess their condition and treat them appropriately or refer you to a trusted specialist. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our animal hospital at (410) 317-2028 for your exotic pet care needs!

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-Angela L.