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For Pets, For People, For Our Community

As valued family members, and the joy they give unconditionally, pets are a part of Pasadena and area communities. At Lake Shore Pet Hospital, we treat them as such by staying involved in our community and helping give all pets the care they deserve. For this reason and more, we formed Friends of Lake Shore Pet Charitable Trust and donate our time regularly to local rescue groups.

Community Involvement in Pasadena: Dog standing on white background
Community Involvement in Pasadena: Woman holding beagle puppy

Make a Tax Deductible Donation Today!

Most of all, helping pet owners afford care they would otherwise be unable to provide strengthens the animal-human bond. Do your part to also help strengthen this special bond by making a donation to Friends of Lake Shore Pet Charitable Trust. Through a partnership with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), we treat and cure more pets in our community. Some of the people we provide assistance for include veterans, victims of domestic abuse, and senior citizens. Additionally, we contribute part of our proceeds at Lake Shore Pet Hospital to AVMF. Make your donation today to help Pasadena and area pets!

Providing Needed Care for Rescue Groups

Animal overpopulation is a real problem in that there are more healthy, adoptable pets available than there are people adopting them. Rescue groups use the resources available to them to save these pets and give them a second chance. Since rescue organizations work as non-profits and often depend on the generosity of donors, they can struggle to provide pets in their care with veterinary treatment. Because we care deeply for pets and our community, we regularly donate treatment to local rescue groups. Some of the organizations we work with include Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, and more. Contact us to learn more about how you can help our pet community too.




First rate doctors and staff that I recommend to anyone looking for quality vet care!
-Angela L.

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