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Tips for Traveling with Pets in Pasadena

Traveling with pets this holiday season? At our animal hospital in Pasadena MD, we know your pets are part of the family too. We also know that driving or flying with pets can be stressful for everyone, and it can be downright dangerous without proper preparation. If you plan to include your pets in your holiday travel plans, our veterinarian in Pasadena wants to help. We've put together some of our favorite pet travel safety tips, based on years of experience with pets and patients alike. Make sure you check these to-do's off your list before hitting the road with your best friend.

woman holding a dog in a field of grass

Secure Every Pet (and Every Carrier)

You expect your kids and adult passengers to buckle up, so make it a rule for your pets too. Every pet in your vehicle should be secured within a crate or carrier, which prevents them from flying across the vehicle and getting injured or lost during a collision. But the carrier itself could also become a projectile, so make sure it's secured. If standard seatbelts don't fit around your pet's carrier, invest in bungee cords or special strap extenders to secure them. Take advantage of car seat hooks to reinforce your pet's protection.  

Bring Proof of Current Vaccinations

Whether you're staying in Pasadena or traveling outside the city for the holidays, your pets need to meet local legal requirements for vaccinations. The annual rabies vaccine is mandatory for dogs and cats in Pasadena, but it's not just about avoiding fines. Traveling dramatically increases your pet's risks of encountering other animals, and valid, up-to-date vaccinations are their only defense against devastating diseases. You'll need a license form signed and dated by an MD veterinarian, so make your appointment before it's time to go.

Make Sure Your Pets are Microchipped

If the unthinkable happens and your pet is separated from you, how will you find them again? Tags and collars can get lost or removed, and missing pet posters only reach so many people. Before hitting the road, give your family the most effective path to reunion: a microchip. Our Pasadena veterinarian will implant the tiny chip beneath your pet's skin during a quick, relatively painless procedure. Afterwards, your microchipped pet can be traced back to you by any veterinarian in the country.

Stay Aware After You Get There

Don't forget; when you arrive at your destination, the danger isn't over. Your own home may be pet-proof, but family members or hotel staff may have unwittingly created a minefield of safety hazards for pets. Inspect every room before letting your pets roam, and keep a close eye on them during playtime and meal time. Seasonal hazards range from toxic treats and décor (for example, chocolate and Poinsettias) to choking, fire, and electrocution hazards (such as open candle flames, lights, and tinsel).  

Contact Your Pasadena Pet Hospital Today

Does your pet need a microchip or rabies vaccine? Are you nervous about keeping them calm during your holiday trip? Call Lake Shore Pet Hospital today at 410-317-2028 to schedule an appointment with our Pasadena veterinarian.

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