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Pet Diagnostics at Our Animal Hospital in Pasadena MD

Diagnostics are an essential aspect of pet care. Blood testing, urinalysis, pet X-rays and other techniques tell us what we need to know about your pet's current state of health and what steps we may need to take to improve it. It's only logical that the more quickly and efficiently we can perform accurate diagnostic testing, the better pet care we can provide. That's why our animal hospital in Pasadena MD, Lake Shore Animal Hospital, is proud to offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art in-house pet diagnostics.

A veterinarian petting a dog

The Value of In-House Diagnostics

Modern veterinary technology has made it possible for practitioners to make faster, more accurate and more detailed diagnoses than ever before. But those benefits aren't fully realized at many clinics for the simple reason that these clinics must outsource some of their diagnostic procedures. Sending results to a third-party laboratory for analysis and reporting can stretch out the amount of time it takes to administer the necessary pet care -- care your beloved friend may urgently need. By providing in-house diagnostics right here at our animal hospital in Pasadena MD, we can get the results we need as quickly as possible so we can proceed with surgery or other necessary treatment.

Diagnostic Techniques Available From Our Veterinarian in Pasadena MD

Our veterinarian in Pasadena MD, Dr. Trevor W.Ashley, can administer a wide range of diagnostic tests and techniques to help your pet. These include:

  • Blood Tests - Blood tests are a regular feature of annual wellness evaluations and pre-operative examinations, but they may also be ordered when our Pasadena MD vet needs to diagnose a specific illness. White blood cell and red blood cell counts can reveal the presence of anemia, leukemia, infections, internal organs problems and other ailments.
  • Urinalysis - Urinalysis can tell us much about your pet's internal health by measuring levels of proteins, glucose, bilirubin, ketones and other substances in the urine. Our Pasadena MD pet hospital can use urinalysis to diagnose endocrine system abnormalities, kidney failure, diabetes, liver disease and urinary system problems.
  • Radiology (Pet X-Rays) - Radiology is the technique for taking pet X-rays that reveal inner tissues in varying shades from light to dark, according to their density. Our pet X-rays help us diagnose everything from broken bones, dental problems and bladder stones to abdominal tumors, ingested foreign objects, and other abnormalities. 
  • Cardiology Diagnostics - Our Pasadena MD pet hospital is one of the few that can administer advanced cardiology services, including the ability to diagnose a variety of heart problems. Standard cardiology diagnostic techniques include chest X-rays, ultrasound, and electrocardiogram (EKG) readings.

Does Your Pet Need an Evaluation? Contact Our Pasadena MD Vet Today

Whether your pet is showing signs of a serious health challenge or he's just due for his annual wellness evaluation, Lake Shore Pet Hospital is the natural choice. Call 410-317-2028 for an appointment with our Pasadena MD vet!

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